Ph.D in Neuroscience at IISc Bangalore

IISc Bangalore
Students at CNS are exposed to cutting-edge neuroscience research through the CNS faculty, whose interests span the gamut from molecular to systems and cognitive neuroscience. Research at CNS is highly interdisciplinary and reflects the diverse backgrounds of the faculty themselves. The department offers world-class facilities and equipment together with a vibrant environment for research that consists of journal clubs, seminars and workshops. The CNS PhD program is designed to provide a solid foundation of neuroscience for students with absolutely no prior background/experience in neuroscience. Incoming first year PhD students are not pre-assigned to an advisor, but are instead asked to take the entire first semester to decide on the lab that they wish to join for their PhD. They are encouraged to talk to the faculty & students in each lab and also do a lab rotation if required in order to make an informed decision. In addition, they are required to take two core courses offered by the CNS faculty: (1) Introduction to Molecular Neuroscience and (2) Introduction to Systems Neuroscience – which also helps them understand and form a preference for the kind of neuroscience research they wish to perform. The students make the final choice of their thesis advisor/laboratory by the end of the first semester. PhD students are provided with a monthly stipend (per institute norms) and with accommodation in the student hostels at IISc. Campus life at IISc is extremely vibrant with a broad spectrum of cultural and sports activities
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