Ph.D in High Energy Physics at IISc Bangalore

IISc Bangalore
Centre for High Energy Physics
High Energy Physics
CHEP started a Ph.D programme from the academic year 1996-97. The minimum qualification for applying is an M.Sc. in Physics, Mathematics or Chemistry, or a B.E./B.Tech. degree. The programme is oriented towards research in theoretical and experimental high energy physics as well as mathematical physics. General research areas include: quantum field theory, the standard model of particle physics and beyond, new particle searches, collider data analysis, detector physics and fabrication, QCD and lattice gauge theories, quantum gravity, string theory and black holes, non-commutative geometry, quantum computation, condensed matter systems in low dimensions. The research interests of individual faculty members can be found in their respective home pages under Personnel. The advertisement, examination, interview procedure, etc. are part of the overall procedure followed by IISc. The interviews for the CHEP programme are conducted by a departmental committee. After admission, basic knowledge of the incoming students in the following subjects is checked: Classical mechanics, Electromagnetic theory, Mathematical physics, Quantum mechanics, Thermodynamics and statistical physics. During the first year, students are expected to fill up gaps in their knowledge, if necessary by solving a set of problems on the subjects.
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