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Electronic Systems  Engineering
Electronic Systems  Engineering
From Atoms to Systems: Research activities in the Department of Electronic Systems Engineering span the whole range from nanoscale devices to Internet-scale communication networks. Core research areas include: Nanoelectronics and Power Semiconductor Devices, Signal and Quantum information Processing, Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI), Neuromorphic Computing, Biomedical Electronics, Internet of Things and Embedded Systems, Power Electronic Drives, Renewable Energy and Energy Harvesting, Mechatronics and Healthcare Instrumentation, and Communication Networks. The overall objective of the PhD and M. Tech (Research) programmes is to produce very well-trained researchers who are ready to embark on their individual careers. To realize this goal, a three-fold approach is followed: · Course-based learning: Students get well-grounded in the fundamentals of their work areas by attending the very high-quality courses available in the Institute; both depth and breadth are emphasized · Acquiring extensive knowledge of the literature: Through regular reading of published literature, group meetings and interactions with speakers in conferences, symposia and workshops, students develop awareness of frontier research areas and cutting-edge problems · Developing research aptitude through continuous interaction with supervisor(s): Students acquire invaluable research skills through sustained and close interaction with supervisors
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