Ph.D in Computational and Data Sciences at IISc Bangalore

IISc Bangalore
Computational and Data Sciences (CDS)
Computational and Data Sciences
Compiler Optimization, Computer Aided Design, Computer Architecture, Computational Electromagnetics, Computational Research activities at CDS are broadly categorized into two streams: Computational Science (CD-CP) and Computer&Data Systems (CD-CS) with research admissions conducted separately for each stream. Research labs at CDS are placed in one of these two streams. Computational Science Stream (CD-CP) deals with computational methods and their application to scientific domains. This typically requires skills at the intersection of applied mathematics, application-specific knowledge, and effective use of computing platforms. Research in this area include Bio-molecular Computation, Computational Electrodynamics, Computational Photonics, Medical Imaging, Numerical Linear Algebra, Numerical Analysis, Computational Mathematics/Scientific Computation, and Structural Biology & Bio-Computing. More details can be found here Computer and Data Systems Stream (CD-CS) deals with the research topics: Computer Aided Design, Cloud Computing Systems, Distributed Systems, Data Sciences, Big Data Platforms, Computer Vision and Image/Video Analytics, Database Systems, Embedded System-On-Chip Architectures, High Performance Computing Systems, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Deep Learning for Vision and Language, Parallel Computing.
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