Ph.D in Aerospace Engineering at IISc Bangalore

IISc Bangalore
Aerospace Engineering
Aerospace Engineering
Department of Aerospace Engineering at IISc is the first University in India to start a Ph.D Program way back in 1950’s. The department has four verticals, namely Aerospace Structures, Aerodynamics, Guidance, Navigation and Control and Aerospace Propulsion and the department admits students with degrees in practically all fields. The candidate, is selected in any one of the four verticals and he/she pursues research in the selected vertical, while simultaneously acquiring the basic knowledge in other verticals through courses and comprehensive examination. The candidate has to take a minimum of 12 credits of courses and has to pass a comprehensive examination at the end of 2 years after joining the program. The Programme helps in developing the intellectual capability of the student and help in getting necessary experience in performing cutting-edge research in his chosen vertical. After completion of this programme, the student is well poised to pursue a career in academia and industry in the broad aspects of aerospace engineering.
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