M.Tech in Nano Science and Engineering at IISc Bangalore

IISc Bangalore
Centre for Nano Science and Engineering
Nano Science and Engineering
Starting from 2014, CeNSE has initiated an MTech degree program in Nano Science and Engineering. The list of qualifications for admission into the MTech program is given below. Successful completion of the MTech program requires the completion of 64 credits which includes 36 credits for course work and 28 credits for the project. The course work prepares the students by providing training in interdisciplinary areas such as Solid state physics, Nanomaterials, Nanoelectronics, MEMS and NEMS, Nanophotonics, Biosensors, Micro/Nano fluidics, with hands-on experiments on Nanofabrication and Nano Characterization techniques. The project constitutes a substantial portion of the MTech program and excellent performance in the project is absolutely essential to achieve a good academic record in the program as well as to secure a promising career in industry or academia. In addition, the MTech program is also unique in its emphasis of entrepreneurship and social impact of technology in its curriculum.
Course duration