M.Tech in Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences at IISc Bangalore

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Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences
In the last two decades, important knowledge has emerged about the present climate of the earth and its dramatic changes in the past. Indeed, new observations from field experiments, satellites and ocean buoys, together with theoretical calculations and powerful computer models, have helped in understanding complexities of the climate. In light of this complexity, there are several fundamental open questions, and quite surely, new discoveries on the horizon. With increasing demand for more accurate weather and climate forecasts, the prospects for young researchers are bright. The challenges of understanding and prediction of climate are multidisciplinary, we welcome science and engineering graduates to join us in this exciting endeavour. Based on the expertise of the CAOS faculty, specific areas of study include aerosols and their impact on the climate, atmosphere-ocean-climate modeling, carbon cycle modeling, cloud physics, geophysical fluid dynamics, monsoon variability and prediction, physical-chemical-biological oceanography, spatio-temporal scaling in geophysical data, and tropical convection.This program is designed for students with a Bachelor's degree from any branch of Engineering, or Master of Science in the Physical Sciences. This is a two year program which consists of course work and a project. It is intended to provide a sound foundation in the theory of the atmosphere-ocean-climate system, and to develop skills in computational, data analysis and observational techniques.
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